Monday, November 7, 2011

Oreo Cookie Smoothie

I haven't made smoothies and milk shakes in awhile, so thought I would make one.  Oreo cookies sounded good at the time, so I decided to make an Oreo Cookie Smoothie.  The combination with oreo cookies and ice cream sounded so good.  It turned out really delicious.  You can make this for your family and friends, or even for a party.  This delicious Oreo Cookie Smoothie can be made for any occasion.


 4 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
 2 cups Milk
 2 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup
 10 Oreo Cookies
 1 cup Ice
 2 tablespoons Whip Cream

For Garnish:

 Crushed Oreo Cookies (in a ziploc bag)
 1 Oreo Cookie


  1.)  Add 4 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream.
  2.)  Add 2 cups Milk.
  3.)  Add 2 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup.
  4.)  Add 10 Oreo Cookies.
  5.)  Add 1 cup Ice.
  6.)  Blend together.
  7.)  Pour Smoothie into a glass.
  8.)  Add 2 tablespoons Whip Cream.
  9.)  Garnish with crushed Oreo Cookies.
10.)  Garnish with 1 Oreo Cookie.

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